Overseas students have different types of options available to choose their accommodation. One of the popular choices is to rent out a private space with or without flatmates. You can easily find private accommodation near your university and book it for a comfortable living.You can choose to share your place with other students; but, if you like to maintain your privacy, you can opt against it.

What Are The Benefits?

Great Value for Money

If you are willing to spend money to get private accommodation, it will pay you off with great value. At your own place, you willhave independence and freedom. A private building will also have access to cleaning services, easy conveyance, on-site gyms, and many other things. It is up to you to choose a private place with as many features as you want.

Safety and Security

You can choose to live in private housing that has enhanced security. You can customise security features as per your wish as well. Besides, you would have a choice to live in a building that is safe and secure, with security staff available.


Choosing a private place brings flexibility with itself. You can choose to live in a building of your choice. You can refuse or reject a place that you do not like. Moreover, you would not have to share your space with anyone you would not want to; you can choose your roommates or flatmates.

Personalise Your Place

Renting a place makes it yours temporarily; you can call it home. You would have the freedom to decorate it and create a personalised space for yourself. You can do whatever you want to, without any restrictions.

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Hui &Kuah Pte Ltd eases out your worries and helps you choose the bestprivate accommodation for your stay in a foreign country. We can connect students with letting agents and make sure to arrange accommodation for them abroad.

As a service to students studying overseas, we have provided some links of various service providers and a page for students to post advertisement on accommodations. If you wish to post an advertisement please email us at: info@hnksg.com.