Enjoy to the fullest while living near to your classes!

Living on campus provides you a lifetime experience where you can explore different domains at a time. When you live on campus, you geteasy access to your classes and college. You can enjoy local amenities and have fun with your friends all day long. You can balance your education and social life. Thus, choosing on-campus accommodation turns out to be a comfortable, convenient, and rewarding experience for most people.

Advantages of On-Campus Accommodation

Indulge In Social Activities

Campus life is full of various events and engaging activities. Being an on-campus student, you can participate in those activities and increase your social circle. It offers you a sense of belongingness, and you can make lifelong friends. Moreover, living on campus gives you support and an opportunity to connect with other students.

Convenient and Time Saving

If you live far away from your college campus, you will need to get up early and commute daily to attend classes. It takes time and does not let you sleep in on bad days. Further, campuses are mostly connected with a transport system, so you can always find a way to go out any time of the day and explore the city. You would not need to hassle and worry about several services.

Comfortable Living

When you decide to live somewhere, you need a place that includes all the facilities. Otherwise, you will have to set up the rent, necessary groceries and pay the bills regularly. However, if you opt for on-campus living, then most of these needs and requirements are covered. You will get a place that is maintained and comfortable.

Safe And Secure

On-campus residents have quick access to the campus staff. In case of emergency, students can reach out to them anytime. Campus accommodation is always a safe and secure place to live and ensure good health.

Looking For On-Campus Accommodation

We can help you get connected with service providers for on-campus accommodation. Contact Hui&Kuah Pte Ltd for details regarding availability and cost.

As a service to students studying overseas, we have provided some links of various service providers and a page for students to post advertisement on accommodations. If you wish to post an advertisement please email us at: info@hnksg.com.