Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is an emerging country and the best study abroad option for overseas students. With natural beauty and rich cultural background, Malaysia has gained popularity for its high standard and internationally acclaimed education system. It attracts international students for its affordable study costs and living standards.

Many international universities have their branch campuses in Malaysia and offering programmes at half the cost. Malaysian universities have made remarkable progress in their education system. Also, they have collaborated and partnered with several international institutions. Students looking for a fantastic experience and ideal destination for education choose Malaysia for their studies.

University Admission Requirements in Malaysia

Admission requirements and eligibility criteria vary from university to university. You would need to select a programme of your choice and then look at its specific requirements. Some of the universities might also take a test to assess your academic abilities. Postgraduate programmes have their own particular requirements as per their research interest.

Students need to acquire English language skills to get admission to Malaysian universities, as the medium of instruction is English in Malaysia. So, students from non-English speaking need to submit proof of their English proficiency. If you wantto get admission to a branch campus of any other country’s university in Malaysia, you would need to fulfil similar requirements.

Student visa requirements are complex and complicated. You need to get the acceptance letter from the Malaysian university, firstly. The university also needs to send a letter for visa approval toEducation Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).You have to submit the required documents along with the application.

Consult an Education Agency

You can seek assistance from an education agency to choose a university in Malaysia. A study abroad consultancy can facilitate application processes and visa requirements. Hui&Kuah Pte Ltd offers you information about Malaysian universities and guides you through their admission process.