The Hui & Kuah Story

From its start in 1981, Hui & Kuah (HNK) has served tens of thousands of students and their families. From a husband and wife team, it has now grown organically to 6 staff, covering all aspects of education advice, administration and event facilitation.

Over the years, not only did Hui & Kuah meet the rising expectations of today’s well-informed clients, but has also consistently and systematically surpassed them. It is therefore of little surprise we have not only thrived and grown, where our competitors have come and gone, but now also count on our referrals from our loyal client base. In many instances, we are providing our services to the children of the very clients who were our students not that long ago. It is also common for our clients to recommend us to their close friends. It is a true testament of their trust in our service that they are willing to count on us for their beloved children’s (or that of their close friends’ children) education.

Though many changes have taken place in the last few years, especially in the range, choice and type of educational alternatives that are now available, we have kept abreast of such changes, and still can provide a balanced perspective while continuing to provide quick and thorough customer service through hard work, dedication and experience.

We continue to work hard to give our clients the best advice and best service possible, to remain as the foremost education agent in Singapore. We strive to enjoy the goodwill of our past, present and future clients to ensure that they are happy with the choices they make and the assistance that they have received.

As one of the oldest educational consultancies in Singapore, our accumulated experience and knowledge will ensure continued growth and success into the future.