Senior Consultant

Dr David B. Harley
Senior Education Consultant
 Before you decide on a specific college, university or programme, spend some of your time with our trained student counsellors. Determine the fields of study which will most likely lead to a good job and a rewarding career upon graduation. Find out about the schools' location, climate and the kind of people who study and teach there. Together we will help you to select an institution that will not only match your qualifications and financial means but will also fit your own personality, desires, goals and interests.

At Hui & Kuah, we will guide you to choose wisely and carefully because we know that choosing the right school can make the difference between happiness and misery, and between academic success and failure.

Biodata of Dr David B. Harley

Hui & Kuah's Senior Educational Consultant is Dr David B. Harley. Dr Harley graduated from McMaster University with one Master degree specializing in Analytical Philosophy and another Masters' degree specializing in Modern European Political and Intellectual History. He then went on to receive a PhD from the Faculty of Education, University of Toronto in Educational Theory. Dr Harley was the recipient of several prestigious academic awards among which were the Canada Council Doctoral Award for the years 1978-79, 1979-80 and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Post-doctoral Fellowship for the years 1980-81 and 1981-82.

Dr Harley taught at the university level and worked as the Principal of a preparatory school for overseas students for nine years. He has published widely in the fields of the History and Philosophy of Education. Dr Harley is the author of the book entitled "Overseas Students Guide to Canadian Universities".

Dr Harley has had many years of experience dealing with overseas students. He has travelled widely throughout South East Asia and his wife Chooi Tan Peng, was born in Penang, Malaysia and educated at U.K.M. As such, he is intimately acquainted with the background, culture and expectations of the students with whom he deals. Dr Harley has been associated with Hui & Kuah since 1983 and has been attached as an educational consultant since 1988.